The Holy Flag
Miracle (parodic project), 2009

Shortly before Easter 2009, Martin Le Chevallier found a European flag in his home, transformed by the unexpected presence of the face of a sleeping bearded man in the middle of the circle of stars. The artist, who first sought a rational explanation for this phenomenon – to no avail – now asserts that the only possible explanation is that we are dealing with the miraculous appearance of the face of Christ. “I am neither a believer nor a mystic,” he declares, “but I had to overcome my scepticism and accept what was plain to see. We have here a divine message addressed to Europe. This face, which appears to be surrounded by the halo of the European constellation, is here to show us that the European identity is profoundly Christian”.

To bring this “message of hope and appeasement” to Europe, Le Chevalier has decided to travel in procession to Brussels to present the miraculous flag to the European institutions. A reliquary shrine has been constructed to transport the holy relic on a man’s back.

The video of the Brussels performance can be watch here.