Doro bibloc
interactive vocal server, 2003

At a time when telemarketing has replaced doorstep selling in private life intrusion, interactive vocal servers make gradually all real human contact disappear from our telephone manners.

Putting together these two phenomena, Doro Bibloc suggests a way for you to get reconciled with your own consumer status. A suave and cheerful voice on the phone will try and help you deal with your compulsion to buy, live better your overindebtedness or take an active part in the economic rebirth.

Doro Bibloc is currently shown as an installation. Another version, which is accessible with a phone call will be available shortly.
A third version, which will involve getting in touch directly with a panel of selected people is also in progress. For example, telephone numbers of telesale centers will be massively called in order to create a healthy and absurd counter-attack.